1. Collective insurance against sports accidents (athletes)

Cricket Vlaanderen has taken out a collective insurance policy for “civil liability” and “physical accidents” for the benefit of the cricket clubs and their members. All members affiliated with the clubs and federation are insured for training sessions, competitions, internships and sports camps at home and abroad (also for travel).

General Terms and Conditions of Physical Accident Policy 1.116,092. A and B and Civil Liability Policy 1,116,093. A and B

General Terms and Conditions Legal Aid Policy 1.116.093/1

Special terms and conditions CV policies

A member is only insured if his/her necessary information have been passed on to the federation at the moment of affiliation. Members must renew an insurance policy every year. Necessary information: name and first name & address.

When an accident occurs in your club, the following procedure must take place:

  • The cricket club has a number of accident report forms via Cricket Vlaanderen (these can always be requested). Or the club can download them from the website.
  • Accident forms concerning civil liability or physical accidents.Have the accident report form completed by the club manager (or board member).
  • Have the medical certificate completed by your doctor within 48 hours. At that time you pay the costs of the doctor’s visit yourself (these will be reimbursed by Arena afterwards).
  •  Send the completed declaration form as soon as possible to the office of Cricket Vlaanderen (Zijp 18, 1780 Wemmel). CV will then send this form to Arena.
  • If possible, notify Cricket Vlaanderen (digitally or by telephone) of the facts and the start of an insurance issue.
  • From now on, your file will be handled directly with Arena. After receipt of the declaration form, Arena will inform you of the file number.
  • It is best to immediately transfer all additional expense notes and reports to Arena so that, when the file is complete, it can proceed to compensation.
  • The insurance contract provides for reimbursement of the treatment costs with reference to the RIZIV scale up to the amount of any surplus àfter compensation from the health insurance fund. Barring exceptions, only the benefits provided for in the sickness and disability schedule are eligible for compensation.
  • According to the law, doctors and hospitals must request payment of the usual benefits in kind from patients or their parents and issue certificates for care provided, intended for the health insurance fund.
  • On presentation of the supporting documents and the statement from the health insurance fund, Arena reimburses its allowance in the manner desired by the entitled parties (account number).
  • The victim (or parents) have freedom of choice of doctor or hospital regardless of which doctor or hospital administered the initial care.

2. Insurance for sports promotion activities  (for non-members)

When your association organizes an open day, a school sports day, a company day, etc., the participants are insured as non-members under the signed CV policy LO – BA.
When an accident occurs, you are asked to report it within 48 hours, as in the step-by-step plan above.